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    The Bible lessons for this church are really great, with readings that I have never seen before in the ‘mainstream’ Bible Lessons.

    I was unclear on the reference to Melchizedek (Melchisedec) but found the Address by Martha Wilcox “The Scriptures” that references him under Abraham, and also has a whole section under his own name.

    “It was at least ten years after Abraham left his father’s house before he found Melchizedek, the Christ, or the perfect concept of God and man, that delivered him from the hand of all his enemies. He was assailed by temptation and fear, by loss, and besieged by enemies.”

    And further on she writes:

    “we learn slowly but surely that our enemies are but our own concepts, human thoughts and fears that are personified. These seeming enemies are turned back and self-destroyed, when once Melchizedek, the Prince and Priest of the Most High, the understanding that is absolute Truth, becomes our consciousness and demonstrates the everpresent fact that God, Truth, is supreme power.”

    These articles are treasures to find. Thank you.

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