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    KJV Dictionary Definition MIND:

    1. intention; purpose;

    2. desire

    3. remembrance;(this reminds me of what we are told that we are not learning anything new about God but bringing it to our remembrance)

    4. the understanding; the power that conceives, judges or reasons

    5. the heart or seat of affection

    6. will

    7. the implanted principle of grace. Rom.7.

    I found the Bible definitions of MIND very interesting because it brings home the importance of how you live and think. I was humbled the more I investigated the Bible in connection with this attribute. It all comes back to God and our relationship with Him and turning your life over to His care. Unlike the world which is more concerned with how “smart” or “clever” you are. I am learning here unless you are thinking with God and obedient to His precepts you are not truly thinking. “Mortal mind is the absence of the divine Mind.” Laura Sargent

    This Bible lesson was a powerful treatment and really helped clarify the synonym Mind for me and the importance of identifying myself and others as the child of Mind. It made me appreciate even more the Watches we are given at this church to handle the false lies about man as having a disordered mind, a weak mind, a strong willed mind, hateful mind, disobedient mind, hypnotized mind, etc. As our Watches affirm God, Mind is All
    “There is only one Mind, and that Mind is your Mind. No matter if you seem to be thinking erroneously, that does not change the fact that the divine Mind is the only Mind that exists.” Bicknell Young 1936 Primary Class

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