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Missing The Greater Good

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Announcements Forums Substance — March 15th, 2020 Missing The Greater Good

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    John 6:26. verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek me. not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled.

    From Spurgeon’s commentary on that verse:You are loafers — loaf-hunters. You seek not me, but mine. It is not for the good that can give your souls, but it is that you may have another meal, that you are here. Yours is cupboard love. You come after what you can get.{Emphasis added}

    This comment made me think of so many who have used Science only for material gain, comfort in body but missed the greater understanding to help themselves and be able to help others. Many do say I have been a Scientist all my life, I have had many healings and are perturbed and disappointed that a particular challenge appears not to yield. Spurgeon’s term “cupboard love” is appropriate here; since such are those who leave after being fed(healed) without a thought about striving to satisfy one’s soul, so that the understanding to enable one to bless another may be gained. Mrs. Eddy also says that we can all do more…we are blessed in more ways than one when we seek to share what Christian Science gives us. May we all do more and know that God does help each one to do more if we ask.

    A selfish approach to this selfless mission leaves us missing the greater good. As Mrs. Eddy instructs, our rock of salvation and reason for existing should be, “to be able to impart truth, health and happiness.” My. 165

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