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Moral Freedom

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    There is moral freedom in Soul.

    There is a persistent belief that working for God means a life of strictures and blandness. I certainly wondered if that was going to be the case when I came to Plainfield. The phrase “moral freedom” sounded humanly like an oxymoron. I am grateful to say that nothing could be further from being true. Working here has certainly brought a needed order to my life, but it has also brought a freedom that has been both unexpected (at first) and liberating (every day since)!

    Learning in Christian Science that God, Soul is All – and that moral is defined in the 1828 Webster’s as “Conformed to the rules of right” – it is clear that the moral freedom we are given is the freedom to think rightly and act rightly in the only reality there is. While the promise of moral freedom sounded initially like shackles, it is in fact more like getting the keys to the kingdom!

    I am so grateful to this church, and my practitioner, for giving me the teaching needed to find out how wonderful moral freedom is. Thank you!


    Thank you so much for your post. This is one of the most important things I have learned, but only after coming to Plainfield. Growing up in the C.S. church, I found a lot of immoral activity as being accepted as OK, and I fell into the same. As unbelievable as it sounds to me today, I had little guidance about morality by the C.S. adults around me, and so I suffered dearly for it. Of course my wishy-washy view of morality got me nowhere.

    The Plainfield Church teaching set me straight–and I have found the greatest happiness in the moral freedom of the ‘straight and narrow way’! That same ‘straight and narrow way’ that I thought would “shackle” me, has brought me out of the constant unsettled feeling of my former ways. I am also very grateful for this moral freedom!

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