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More Lessons of Esther

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    Michael Pupko

    One lesson I got from the Oct. 1 Roundtable was the importance of honestly giving credit where due. Esther giving Mordecai’s name as exposing the plot of two guards against the king was a very important ‘link’ in enabling the overthrow of animal magnetism’s (Haman) attempt to destroy the Jewish people (true believers in One God). A good reminder of why to give Christ Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, and all the true followers of God their credit for all of their sacrifices. Only good can come from such expressed gratitude!

    I was grateful in the Lesson Sermon for getting me to read the whole book of Esther along with some commentaries. An essential part of the demonstration that Esther made was even getting an audience with the king… her husband!! I always assume that husbands and wives are together most of the time but that was not the case at all; Esther had to seek an audience FIRST just like anyone else. I thought; well, Esther was ‘fair and beautiful’ so of course she would stand out. Then I realized that spiritual persons always ‘look beautiful’ with God shining through them. Good incentive to see all of God’s creation as ‘fair and beautiful, child of God’ as so nicely taught here at Plainfield:)


    The story of Esther made a big impression on me, too. I had seen the Hollywood version but never read the full Bible account. Interesting how the king had a sleepless night and was guided (by the Holy Spirit) to read the log book that mentioned Mordecai’s valiant deed.

    Back then, it was punishable by death to approach the King without his initiating the request. I learned from Esther’s patience in carefully laying out a plan to invite the King and Haman to lunch rather than blurting out the whole truth when she first had the chance. She advised Mordecai and the Jews to pray and fast for three days before she approached the king in her finest, hoping to capture his attention for an audience. Three days to overcome fear of death for her and her people. I love how God raised Esther up for just such an occasion to save His people from perishing under the rulership of a Persian King. Otherwise the whole Jewish lineage would have changed drastically. Haman’s ten sons were hanged instead.

    Thanks for the post!

    Michael Pupko

    Thanks for adding more details. Amazing to see that even his wife, the queen would fall under the death sentence!! Trials surely have a way of getting us to ‘watch better,’ that was how Christian Science was for me, quite sporadic. One of the things I’m gratefully learning at Plainfield is to always keep the Mind of God rather than waiting for a crisis. Grateful to be reducing the time spent in the Adam nightmare and knowing to work for the day those thoughts are completely abolished:)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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