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Mrs. Eddy, from Watches, Prayers, and Arguments, page 92

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    This quote from Watches, Prayers, and Arguments was given during our May 6th, 2017 Bible Study:

    This is my support, that the male and female natures are equally expressed, coexistent in me. This is the way that I exist, and is the reason I never lack. It is because I am of the nature of infinite completeness; there is never anything in my experience in which the male and female qualities are not infinitely at one, supporting each other. It is because my spiritual inspiration is perfectly balanced with scientific understanding; because my joy is perfectly balanced with courage, and because my love is perfectly balanced with strength. My tender emotional nature is perfectly balanced with thought, reason and understanding; therefore I am a state of perfect protection, perfect substance, and I am supported by my own infinity. I am the consciousness of infinity. I am the presence of substance, because there is no unsupported idea in me.

    My manhood takes care of my womanhood, defends, protects, and supports her. My joy is defended and protected by my courage. My love is protected and defended by my understanding, by the strength of my scientific understanding, which is omnipotence. I am never undefended, and my womanhood cherishes my manhood. My tender affection cherishes my scientific understanding, and unfolds love to it, takes care of it, watches over it with love, and gives it every opportunity to unfold and demonstrate itself in perfect harmony, unity, equality, and unfoldment. So my nature is complete.

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