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My sheep hear my voice…

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Announcements Forums Christ Jesus – December 24th, 2017 My sheep hear my voice…

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    Colleen Mostika

    John 10:27, 30
    “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”
    I find this so comforting right now. To be right-minded and to follow Christ Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” and to walk in the narrow way of righteousness is the only true and secure way to live. When we live this way and overcome the temptations of the material world, it simplifies our life. I can ask myself; ” where will this decision lead me? Is this doing the work of God or of Mammon?” I find the stresses that I used to think were so important, are not really important at all. To humbly ask God to keep me on the right path all day long guides me. I find I am not running around in circles. But, I follow God through our master’s commandments; namely to “Love God” and “Love your neighbor as yourself. ” God protects us and leads us forward in the only path to Him.
    “I and my Father are one.”
    I’m so grateful to be learning that this statement is true of all men who follow in the footsteps of Christ Jesus, our way shower. Being in the Divine mind as God’s idea, and working out from here is where all good comes from. I am seeing this now. I am so truly grateful for the Bible Lessons that this Church has on Saturdays. It has helped open the Bible up to me from a spiritual view.


    Thank you for this lovely strong post filled with wonderful things to ponder. I have also been thinking about this phrase that tells us three important things : sheep hear their Master’s voice and follow ONLY that voice (learned from our Bible Study),Christ Jesus knows us !, and as we follow The Christ we are led to green pastures, still waters and life everlasting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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