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Never Fear What God Didn't Make

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Announcements Forums Unreality — April 5th, 2020 Never Fear What God Didn't Make

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    Thank you for the uplifting Round Table discussion on 3/29! In the afternoon while listening to your lively, joyous meeting, I had a healing that I didn’t realize until later. I’d been feeling a heaviness, and your powerful prescriptions of faith and laughter mixed with compassion broke the mesmerism.

    The talk about the CV image projected by the media brought to mind something that happened on March 1. I had prayed for more understanding regarding the fear surrounding the corona virus. An angel thought reminded me that the word corona is a definition for a halo around the sun. Light! So focus on that and not the virus. Thoughts rolled in. In Truth, Light is, and nothing can put out the eternal Light of God. Yes, it can appear to be covered up by clouds of fear and doubt, but the Light shines always. Just like our life-giving sun always shines. Only the Earth’s rotation divides day into night.

    Grateful thoughts turned to God’s Infinite Love, and how we are made in the image and likeness of God, spirit-formed. I was praying for all to turn toward the Light within, that eternal spark that can never be put out.

    What happened next caught me by surprise. A peacefulness enfolded me and a cosmic sunflower appeared in my mind’s eye. The flower’s sturdy stalk had reached up for the Light, growing far beyond the fearful din of the material world. It looked somewhat bedraggled, bowed head, with frayed yellow petals that had yet to fully open wide as it was almost daybreak. But the sunflower had made it. The light had prevailed. I could relate!
    And was suddenly filled with hope and joy.

    I loved the symbolism of the cosmic sunflower. A little research added more clarity. This plant has dynamic energy and represents community, all working together in unity. The sunflower is not one large blossom as it appears, but its face is comprise of clusters of tiny five-pointed stars. The sunflower brings happiness. They always face the sun. At sunrise the flower swings around to the east to greet a new day. When a sunflower appears it is a reminder to keep our eyes on the higher light in all that we do. Opportunities will appear for us to find happiness with our inner sun.

    A random search for a galactic sunflower turned up a NASA photo of the Sunflower Galaxy… wow..what a comparison to a tiny nothingness microbe.

    Thank you all for your insights and web resources.

    Joyful blessings,



    Wow – what you wrote are truly “joyful blessings”! Thank you very much. Beautiful description of God’s universe intact!


    Thank you so much for this post–so inspired and inspiring!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Love is the liberator.