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Not eating meat

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    On the heels of this morning’s Roundtable (10/17/21) discussion, during which comments by Edward Kimball on the subject of not eating meat were cited, I wanted to share another quote that I came upon recently in the “Blue Book” (page 257) – “Mrs. Linscott asked Mrs. Eddy if it was right to kill chickens for food. Mrs. Eddy replied, ‘You do not take life, do you?’” This prompts me to recall my instantaneous healing that resulted from comments made by Ingrid on the Roundtable of May 10th in 2020, after which I immediately gave up eating all meat. I have rejoiced as I’ve prepared many vegetarian dishes ever since that day, with so much gratitude to God for the large variety and delicious taste of His many beautiful fruits and vegetables. And, my gratitude continues for Ingrid’s sharing on that day!

    Pilar Deblinger

    With all due respect, but since when is Christian Science advocating a vegetarian diet? It is all well and good when you live in a country like USA, blessed with resources, a less fortunate person living in a poorer country may have no such choice as we in USA have, they may consider a blessing if they can get a chicken, meat or fish to sustain themselves and their families, above comment will sound presumptuous, condescending and arrogant. What you eat or not should be left up to the individual and their circumstances, not to some “holier than thou”, or to a “look at me, look at me I’m a vegetarian!!”. The comment you refer to on the Blue Book attributed to MBE, is just a statement and can be taken as such with no indication that she advocated a vegetarian diet. The round tables should be a place to discuss things of God and Christian Science, not what you prefer to eat or not, to discuss spiritual things, not whether “should I be vegetarian, should I follow the paleo diet, should I eat meat or fish?”. Jesus stated “is not what goes into man’s mouth that makes him unclean”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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