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One Mind reaches All

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    Jenny Grimm

    Back in 1986 I backpacked around Europe for a year and was surrounded by God’s love and protection every step of the way. I tried to attend Church services where possible and one Wednesday while travelling in Germany, I was planning on attending the evening Church Service.
    I had a few things go wrong that day, the train being late and I couldn’t get into the Youth Hostel near the Church.
    I finally made it to the evening service, sat down and heard the Reader speak in German. I was startled as I thought it was an English service. I was cross and was thinking, “I have rushed to get here, had to run 40 minutes with a map in hand and now I can’t understand a word of German”. I considered leaving, but decided to stay put, I was here now and at least I could enjoy the hymns and rest. Well, I’m so glad that I did, as I understood every word the Reader spoke as I felt and received his message of love and spirit of the service. I have never felt so uplifted and close to God as I did at that service that night in Germany.
    I remembered this experience after reading the article “Infinite Traits in True Manhood” by F.J. Fluno and the start of the article reads “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” – 2 Corinthians iii. 17. I am replacing thoughts of fear and anger with joy and love and peace to Ukraine and Russia knowing that we are all One in God’s Kingdom. Not separated by fear, nationalities, languages or customs, we are all of the One Mind communicating with love and spirit. We speak the same language of Love for mankind, Love of God. My prayers are heard as God is infinite All and it all belongs to Him.

    Imogene Hewett

    Thankyou dear Jenny for this beautiful testimony! Lots of Love to you and Phil!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Love is the liberator.