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The Bulletin Board is for gratitude for Christian Science and the Church, as well as timely excerpts from the Bible, the works of Mrs. Eddy, and the early workers that help and encourage. We are very grateful for all posts that conform to these guidelines, but will edit or remove anything that the Practitioners feel is not in complete accord with pure Christian Science or in any way disrespectful of it.

We also ask that you keep your postings as concise as possible. If you quote the Bible, please use The King James Version, as this is what Mrs. Eddy used. Thank you!

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    SH 57 Union of the masculine and feminine qualities constitutes completeness…….These different elements conjoin naturally with each other, and their true harmony is in spiritual oneness. Both sexes should be loving, pure, tender, and strong.

    To cherish this blend of both feminine and masculine qualities as the real “man” means a lot. Great way to cut through the limitations attached to individuals due to gender. None are true because God’s man is complete and will forever be so.


    This is why men should never fear being tender and kind. And women should never fear being strong, and taking charge when it is the right thing to do. Those who know themselves as the likeness of God have no trouble expressing whatever is needed to heal, whatever the situation requires.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Love is the liberator.