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    “Let us banish sickness as an outlaw…”
    The word outlaw caught my eye when studying the lesson this morning. I asked myself ‘How many times have I been confronted by sickness and thought no it’s an outlaw as in outside God’s law,and what’s outside God’s law? – NOTHING. Ergo, the sickness suggestion is automatically starting from the basis of “nothing” and it must be me then who makes it into “something”.


    That’s a really good point. I know in the past—and sometimes even now if I foolishly let my guard down–when something appeared to be wrong, I’ve wondered what it is, where did this thing come from, what did I do to let it in, and then fear creeps in. But instead, we need to see it as an outlaw—it has no law to support it, all the law that exists is against it, and it can’t do a thing! Slam the door on it by turning wholeheartedly to God and His truth—then it can’t cause any trouble. After all, it’s nothing but an outlaw to be banished!


    Those a are wonderful thoughts! Thank you! I was going to put this under a separate topic but I think it goes along with what is being discussed here – “Sickness, sin, and death are not concomitants (companions!) of Life or Truth. No law supports them. They have no relation to God wherewith to establish their power.” (S&H) Isn’t that a comforting and powerful statement? Therefore if you are struggling with a belief of sickness, or sin or death – remember no law of God supports it. Error has zero relationship with the Almighty God. How could it have any power?! Mrs. Eddy has said, “Error comes to you for life and YOU give it all the life it has.” Strip it entirely of any belief that it has power and companion only with your Maker!


    I was thinking about this statement also. I thought if someone hiding from the law came to my house would I take them in, give them shelter, feed them and protect them? Of course not! I would turn them over to the law. That’s what we need to do to the belief of sin, sickness and death – turn them over to God’s law and annul them. There’s no security for evil in our thinking!


    420 Instruct the sick that they are not helpless victims, for if they will only accept Truth, they can resist disease and ward it off, as positively as they can the temptation to sin. (Emphasis added)

    I love this citation because that helpless (fearful) feeling that comes when error looms up can cause us to think we know nothing and can do nothing. Because Truth is unchanging we all can ALWAYS turn to God (our present MIND) for its might to banish the lies. We must welcome and accept the Truth, allow it to be master in our homes (consciousness), make it the law of our lives and see if those lies of mortal mind do not flee before Truth’s might!

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