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Perfect in knowledge

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Announcements Forums Mind – August 20th, 2017 Perfect in knowledge

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    What daunting task do you find yourself faced with today? I have found two passages in the book of Job found in this week’s lesson to be very helpful.
    “He that is perfect in knowledge is with thee.”
    “He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. For He performeth the thing that is appointed for me: and many such things are with Him.”
    When you think about it what more help can anyone ask for? God’s perfect knowledge is with you directing and guiding and then of course always remembering He is the one doing it. Our work is never about “us” trying to accomplish some great thing, but it is always about God letting His plan and purpose operate through us. Sometimes we can get too intense about what we are trying to achieve – I looked up the definition of the word “intense” and it means, “literally strained, stretched; violent, vehement, as intense heat.” Not a good thing and it is no wonder our bodies end up feeling “strained and stretched.” So anytime a feeling of intensity rises up, it is time to stop and take a break and remember who and what is doing all things well. When our peace returns we will accomplish the work with ease being totally submissive to God and His will.
    “Ye shall not to your daily task without your God repair,
    But on your work His blessing ask and prove His glory there.” (hymn #247)

    Linda Russell

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post Mary. I have tears of joy for the Love and Wisdom shared here. It strikes at the heart of what I am experiencing right now. And how blessed am I for this powerful and clear instruction. Wow. Magnificent guidance. I am so grateful for this blessed Church activity. Thank you dear Father.

    Michael Pupko

    How true it is to let God do the thinking! About once a year I use a trailer on my vehicle which means connecting the wiring for the trailer lights temporarily because I could never figure out the easy solution. This time I approached it with “God will show me the way!” In no time I was shown the simple solution that had escaped me for several years so now it can be quick and functional each time rather than ‘glued’ together with band aids and at risk of falling apart during use:)


    Thank you, Mary Beth.

    It’s interesting to watch how Divine Mind naturally directs and guides. Recently I received the book, Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Footsteps by the Carpenters along with many other helpful resources from the Plainfield Church Bookstore. The Carpenters’ book was on the end table in the living room and last week my husband picked it up and began to read at random. This passage moved him so much that he was guided to read it aloud at the Wed. night testimony meeting in town. (We attend but are not members.) Someone came up afterwards and asked for a copy of the quote.

    “Students of CS must take their cue from their Leader and build up confidence in the power they reflect, establishing the glorious fact that their spiritual consciousness has the very powers of the universe back of it; that nothing can stand before it; that it has a speed greater than that of light; that it goes wherever it is directed, acts instantaneously and does accomplish that whereunto it is sent.

    Being with Mrs. Eddy was of great assistance to me in my effort to realize the infinite range of spiritual thought as reflected by man. It aided me in my effort to throw off the mortal mind sense of limitation which we are tempted to place about our spiritual capacities. Unless the student recognizes the coverage and range of his spiritual power, he will not use it as he should. He will resemble the farmer who buys an automobile and then drives it within the limits of his old horse and carriage, both as to speed and distance.”

    Thank you, Plainfield Church, for helping us to understand and apply the Truth with confidence.


    Thank you for this quote from our dear friends the Carpenters. It is one I often use and think about before a watch. Always good to be reminded of the tremendous power that is behind unselfed prayer.

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