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Prayer, watching, and working

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    “Prayer, watching, and working, combined with self-immolation, are God’s gracious means for accomplishing whatever has been successfully done for the Christianization and health of mankind.”

    This last Sunday the discussion on the importance of eliminating fear through prayer is helping me. Below were some of the points that I took from this class.

    “The first commandment forbids us to believe in a power apart from God.” and “Do we not all understand cowardice never conquers? To get rid of temptation of any sort or to get out of a difficulty, we are not passive and let the wrong rule the right, but we struggle and thus conquer. We should not avoid the things that hurt us, but repeat them and meet them as their superior. Disease is a coward that leaves when you are not afraid of it.” Mary Baker Eddy P. 96 and 139 of Divinity Course and General Collectanea (Blue Book)

    The source of fear is a belief in another power other than God. Memorize and keep with you Isaiah 41
    Face down suggestions that God is not here now taking care of me or all mankind.

    “The morning Watch Hour (every day in Mrs. Eddy’s home) was from nine to ten, when each student returned to his or her room to do the mental work to destroy fear, and to recognize the presence and power of God as supreme in the home, as well as in the whole universe.” Ch. 21 of Footsteps

    It was brought out the importance of obedience to God, repentance, and reformation in keeping our slate clean so that we have nothing to hide. To watch our motives and see what is driving our fear.

    The humility of Christ and giving everything to God is essential.
    “We have nothing to fear when Love is at the helm of thought, but everything to enjoy on earth and in heaven.” Mrs. Eddy Misc. p. 113


    It is very encouraging to hear how you are using what is given at the Roundtable – in that way you make it your own. Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Love is the liberator.