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"prepare thine heart"

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Announcements Forums Soul – August 14th, 2016 "prepare thine heart"

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    Thank you so much for this Lesson on SOUL.
    In Bible citation 6, Job 11:13, we are told to “…prepare thine heart, and stretch out thine hands toward him” In David Keyston’s book, The Healer, there are two examples which point out how very important our thought is to everything we do!

    In one instance, “Mrs. Eddy had a cook who showed resentment and egotism…Mrs. Eddy could not eat the food she cooked.” “The one who took her place loved to serve Mrs. Eddy, and she ate the food she prepared and relished it.”

    In another instance, “Mrs. Eddy ordered a dress to be made and while making it, the dressmaker prayed to be sweet, pure, true and grateful, so that the dress would be a proper raiment for our Leader. [Mrs. Eddy] loved the dress and wore it and wore it.” When she ordered another just like it, because “…the dressmaker was having trouble with her own help, and was irritable and cross….Mrs. Eddy could not wear it.”! (p.152)

    How important that we prepare our heart and mind to all that we do; thank you for the very valuable and practical teaching we have in our Bible Lessons!


    “…prepare thine heart, and stretch out thine hands toward him.”

    This statement helped me many years ago. I had a large financial debt that I could not see my way out of. This statement made me see that I had to open my heart to God, trust Him, reach out to Him and not outline how this debt was going to be paid. The statement, “God has always taken care of me, and He always will” came to me. It was a release from my fear.

    Every month, without fail, I was able to make this payment. On paper there was not enough money to make the payment, but opening my heart to God and stretching out my hand to Him, the payment was made until I was debt free.

    God has a solution to every problem. If we have the problem, the answer is already there.

    Thank God for Christian Science and the teaching we are receiving on how to apply it to our daily life.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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