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    6 “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.”James 4 : 6

    I am very grateful for this week’s lesson on sin that piggy backed on last week’s lesson which addressed the story of Judas. The instruction given around the story of Judas, to relate the story to our present lives, was a helpful warning. As I thought about Judas it dawned on me that most likely he wasn’t joining the disciples with a premeditated evil intent. He had to have been attracted to something just as the rest were. Perhaps even drawn by the mission and healings. He also most likely had to leave the security of his previous life. It is what he didn’t face within that tripped him up. What struck me is the importance of self examination, understanding sin and how to address it, otherwise you too can fall prey to temptation while doing work for God.

    In my work with a Plainfield practitioner I have been facing how I am “tending the regulator”, (how I am trying to manage the people in my life). This term can be found in the chapter called Fallibility of Human Concepts by Mary Baker Eddy Misc. p. 352 Below is an excerpt from that article.

    “Instead of relying on the Principle of all that really exists, — to govern His own creation, — self-conceit, ignorance, and pride would regulate God’s action. Experience shows that humility is the first step in Christian Science, wherein all is controlled, not by man or laws material, but by wisdom, Truth, and Love.”

    Collins English Dictionary
    having an excessive sense of one’s own importance, abilities, and value: ⇒ Lincoln declared he would be ‘the most shallow and self-conceited blockhead on earth’ if he ever thought he could do his job without the wisdom which comes from God and not from men.”

    I can see why pride and personal sense is constantly addressed at this church.

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