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Psalm 24..".Shew Me Thy Ways"…

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Announcements Forums Truth – July 24th, 2016 Psalm 24..".Shew Me Thy Ways"…

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    “Shew me thy ways OH LORD, teach me thy paths.”

    When I read the above verse, included in this week’s lesson, the words, “OH LORD” stood out. They stood-out largely because the letters of the words were spelled out in capital letters. In reading the words, “OH LORD” is emphasized. This makes these two words sound like a crying- out in the darkness for God to lead us, or (psalmist), down the right path. I thought about how often, during many desperate hours, I too, cried out for God to make things right; Imploring Him to “lead me not into iniquity”, but to bestow his righteousness upon me. To give me some “sign,” some direction. Basically, I would cry, “OH LORD! tell me what to do!”

    We all are so wanting in Spiritual understanding; sometimes we are all so blind we can’t discern the “way of godliness”. There have been times I just haven’t been able to tell what God would have me do at any given moment. At times, it has become my constant prayer that God would “lighten the darkness,” That God would “make His way plain before my face.” I would ask God to show me the path that I should walk in, to enable me to see the next step that it was my duty to take.

    This 4 verse in Psalms 24, brought to mind a beautiful poem, (prayer), I have often used for myself. . I think it expresses it all so perfectly:
    “Lead Kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom
    Lead thou me on.
    The night is dark, and I am far from home O;
    Lead thou me on.
    Keep thou my feet; I do not ask to see
    the distant scene; One step enough for me.”

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    • This topic was modified 7 years, 11 months ago by Heidi.
    • This topic was modified 7 years, 11 months ago by Heidi.
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