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    Michael Pupko

    Last Sunday’s Roundtable included discussion on being receptive to God’s word. Again something I didn’t think about being an attribute to hone. In this week’s Lesson, Isaiah 1 : 19 “If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:” caught my eye. I can say I’m obedient but if I only hear a tiny fraction of what God is saying it’s not doing much even if I’m obedient to all I hear (need more work on that for sure!)!! Very grateful because this cues me in to being more ‘willing and ‘receptive’ in listening to God and then staying obedient to all I hear:)



    Thank you, Mike. Receptivity is always an important point to consider when it comes to healing. Years ago, in one of our classes we discussed the following sentence on page 365 in Science and Health – “If the Scientist reaches his patient through divine Love, the healing work will be accomplished at one visit, and the disease will vanish into its native nothingness like dew before the morning sunshine.” Of course, we all would like to have such a speedy healing, but the word emphasized in our class that night was the word, “reaches”. The patient needs to be reached. I know in my own experience healings were rarely instantaneous, and I must admit I had many walls of resistance that needed to be broken down. I have learned and am still learning many lessons on how to become more receptive to God’s healing power which is ever with us and possesses all power.


    Michael Pupko

    Thank you for the added illumination!

    “The patient needs to be reached.” While I had enough powerful demonstrations once I learned of Christian Science; the biggest of which completely healed me (at least intellectually) of being an atheist. Despite my new found belief in God; the obvious place that Christ Jesus holds in the Bible, and gratefully enough intuition to know that Mary Baker Eddy also had a very high calling; somehow most of their Spirituality was still out of my reach.

    I’m not alone because many other members of this Plainfield Christian Science Church Independent relate how they couldn’t accomplish much through Christian Science until coming to this church. Bliss Knapp and others relate how important it is to adhere to the Manual of the Mother Church which no one adheres to as closely as this church.

    I now see to become receptive I had to first completely drop my incorrect view of God and Christianity. Now I believe I have to abandon all false ideas I had learned about Christian Science previously to move beyond the intellectual level, ‘the letter’. Thus take this glorious Truth, through divine Love, to consciousness and heart to be able to share this through it’s Spiritual basis.


    Michael Pupko

    Reading “Love is the Liberator” January edition and the article “Christian Science, A Practical Religion” by C. W. Chadwick makes me realize I have to be positive that as part of being receptive I see Mary Baker Eddy positively correct!!

    Quoted from the article: “you have not accepted Christian Science as the revealed Truth, but almost unconsciously are clinging to the belief that you really had an understanding of Truth before Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures was given to the world, and this is the very thought that admits a failure to understand the Scientific Statement of Being. This thought can only see Mrs. Eddy as a good woman personally, rather than in her true light as the inspired author of Science and Health, consequently you fail to discern the new idea, not having made room for it to come in.”

    Be interesting to see if consciously paying attention to this shows that I unconsciously haven’t been ‘seeing’ Mary Baker Eddy, Christ Jesus, and God to a lower degree than I thought!

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