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Righteousness of God – From Faith to Faith

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Announcements Forums Reality — September 26th, 2021 Righteousness of God – From Faith to Faith

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    In digging into the higher meaning of the Responsive Readings citation from Romans 1: 17 – “For herein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith:” the following is provided from “Some Precious Memories of Mary Baker Eddy,” by Calvin S. Hill from the original We Knew Mary Baker Eddy series. This explains for me what occurred when Elisha prayed that the eyes of his servant be opened “that he may see.” Elisha’s great faith raised up the lesser faith of his servant. It happened then, it happened continually with Mrs. Eddy and her students and it happens today.

    “The insight into Mrs. Eddy’s problems as Founder and Leader of the Christian Science movement, and her way of solving these problems as it was shown to me in her explanation of “Signs of the Heart,” touched me deeply. As she continued talking of ever-present Love, my thought was lifted into the upper chamber of Spirit’s reality and allness through the door of spiritual illumination—understanding.”

    “As I left Pleasant View to return to the depot, after this memorable and uplifting experience, I felt as if I were walking on air. Nothing seemed real except the truth which Mrs. Eddy had affirmed and which was inscribed on the disc of my consciousness. People were passing in different directions, both on foot and in carriages, but I was scarcely aware of them—they seemed to be moving in a mist.

    I boarded the train for Boston, and as I rode along, my thought was completely occupied with the great illumination of the reality of Spirit and the nothingness of matter. I felt that I had been lifted to the mount of transfiguration. For a number of days, all I could think of, all I could hear, was what Mrs. Eddy had said to me in answer to my question, and the spiritual light which I received during that interview remained with me in all its glory.

    From that time I was a different man; hence I feel warranted in saying that I experienced a measure of spiritual “new birth” on that wonderful day. However, later had to learn that being lifted up by another, even by our Leader, is not working out one’s own salvation—which is to say that there is no vicarious atonement. I saw that I had to work my own way up the hill of Science, that I had to prove in my own experience the truth she had affirmed to me—I had to work it out in demonstration.”


    Kerry, After reading your post, and after pondering it, I was taken to Hebrews 11, and discovered that it is a declaration of faith. Thank you.

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