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Round Table May 29 2022

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    Thank you so much for today’s Round Table, and for having the courage to speak of and denounce what is behind the current apparent world situation.

    The conversation about animal magnetism and hypnotism, and how nothing can take hold in a mind which is already filled with Truth (paraphrasing), reminded me of John H. Wyndham’s wonderful book The Ultimate Freedom. It is the story of his time as ‘a guest of the Japanese’ in the second world war, when he was held in Korea.

    I only have the book on audio and no way to play it where I am so this is retold from memory, but I recall one night in his cell he became aware of a strange, sinister, pressure, and had a strong feeling that he should pray, which he did do, for hours.

    Very late into the night the strange feeling just stopped, as though a tap were turned off, and he fell asleep and thought little more of it.

    Years later he met a Korean officer who took an interest in him and, oddly, knew his name, rank and officer number. When Mr Wyndham asked how come the officer knew him, the officer said it had been standard practice, the night before prisoners were interrogated, to target them with some sort of mental manipulation or malpractice on them. He said he remembered Mr Wyndham because he was the only prisoner he knew who had withstood this attack and they had been unable to be effective on him.

    I have retold this story to many people who have all been touched by it. It has helped me greatly, many times, along with the section early on in the book when he describes receiving a message to ‘control thought’ – which he says can only have come from God.

    Also many thanks for the advice to turn to the Hymnal when feelings of confusion are making it hard to think straight.

    All in all I can’t think of a better way to spend a precious hour than listening to and learning from the Round Table!

    Imogene Hewett

    Thank you Izzy, what a fantastic example of the absolute certainty of the Christ Conciousness which is the total Master of human mental manipulation. As Christian Scientists we have complete and total protection to even the most targetted forms of animal magnetism and hypnotism of every kind! “Evil is nothing – no thing mind or power”. (MBE)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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