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Roundtable 10/3/21 – Rebuking error

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    Stated at the Roundtable: “This is a very important point in Christian Science” (seeing error) & “When you are seeing as God sees [which is what the watching point is about], you will also feel what’s not right” & “It was his [Jesus’] Christliness that sees it [the error]”.

    On the heels of the 10/3/21 Roundtable’s discussion of Jesus rebuking the scribes and Pharisees because he loved and was trying to help them (Matthew 23: 23, 27, 28), and the Wednesday night readings about the necessity of exposing evil (S & H, p. 570:30 – 14 next page), I found these 2 relevant quotes from Mrs. Eddy, and from the artist who painted her poem, Christ and Christmas, James F. Gilman:

    Mary Baker Eddy: Her Spiritual Footsteps (p. 146): “’Oh! You don’t know what burdens I have borne through the necessity I have felt for rebuking students, but who could not receive my rebuke as coming from true love for them. This is the great test of the true student. If they are found unwilling to bear this test, they are not worthy to be found in this work. It is the resentment that rebuke uncovers or excites that makes up the burden – the terrible burden – that I have had, and still have to bear in this pioneer work of Christian Science.” (Also found on page 114 of Painting a Poem: Mary Baker Eddy and James F. Gilman Illustrate Christ and Christmas).

    Page 130 of Painting a Poem: “Mrs. Eddy was so sensitive to error’s work, she was feeling it, although its outward form was not in evidence to corroborate it. Her spiritual sensitivity to mental states of consciousness whereby the measure of the personal and material in the thought of those with whom Mrs. Eddy is with is unmistakably manifest to her. This causes her at once to feel and know, that the ideal beauty of God’s goodness is being violated. This material thought is felt as very offensive to her pure sense of Spirit, and therefore, as in my [Mr. Gilman’s] case, demanding the rebuke that cures it.”

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