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Roundtable of July 19, 2020.

The Forum is dedicated to each week's lesson, and may be used to post questions, comments, and constructive replies that strive to uncover the inspired meaning of the text. The Bulletin Board is for gratitude for Christian Science and the Church, as well as timely excerpts from the Bible, the works of Mrs. Eddy, and the early workers that help and encourage. We are very grateful for all posts that conform to these guidelines, but will edit or remove anything that the Practitioners feel is not in complete accord with pure Christian Science or in any way disrespectful of it.

We also ask that you keep your postings as concise as possible; make two short postings of the long posts or send the lengthy ones for publication in our Magazine or Newsletter. If you quote the Bible, please use The King James Version, as this is what Mrs. Eddy used. Thank you!

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    Thank you for the Roundtable today (7/19/20) and actually ALL of them that I listen to constantly throughout the day.

    I was especially heartened that you addressed the issues of the internet and dark criticism of Mary Baker Eddy, in particular one website that I have also seen.

    As you stated, it is best to stop reading this material, and, if there is any doubt, to first read her writings and do what she shows us to do. Until this is done, no one is in any position to criticize her. Have these critics done the work?

    I have known of Christian Science all my life, but dropped it, not really knowing the teaching, and in great disappointment with the church organization.

    It has been only because of your website and broadcasts that my interest has returned. Articles on your website have been helping me greatly, such as Gilbert Carpenter, Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Footsteps, Chapter 125, “Mrs Eddy’s use of Temporary Means.” Which helped me in regards to the critisism of Mrs Eddy, on the subject of morphine.

    Many so called “Christian Scientists” haven’t read her works, studied them from cover to cover and done the work, so it is no wonder there have been cases of neglect, far fewer than there have been in the medical. The real cases of healing, are overlooked and people say “well it would have happened anyway.”

    The other day, I opened Prose Works to this testimony. It spoke to me on this subject. (Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy, Page 426):

    “I have been reading Science and Health for one year and a half, and have had some wonderful demonstrations. People here are antagonistic to the Science, and tell me that I am a “fit subject for the asylum”. Physicians threaten me with arrest, also, but I walk straight on, knowing well in whom I trust.” E. I. R., Wauseon, Ohio.

    Carol Rivers

    So nice to read your post. I never look at the things against Mrs. Eddy And Christian Science because I did one time and it was so silly and opinionated and not like the Golden Rule at all.

    Me too I am so happy about Plainfield structure to go to.
    Thank you Susan and all the Plainfield members


    Dear Carol,

    Thanks so much for writing! I am so grateful for this church and for ‘rousing the dormant understanding.’ Thanks to God for leading me and others here, and to all the unselfish work done here.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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