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Seeking Out His Sheep

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    “so will I seek out my sheep.” (Ezekiel 34) This is the nature of Truth. It is always compelling itself on us, guiding us to what is right and good. We have such a loving God, that he is always finding us and speaking to us. Sometimes the voice seems to roar at us. It is always knocking at the door of our consciousness. We only have to open the door to hear the “still small voice” of Truth. Mrs. Evans used to remind us that “truth persists, error does not.”

    In describing the experience of some of the ancient prophets, who heard God’s thoughts as distinct as sound, Mrs. Eddy writes: “If the medium of hearing is wholly spiritual, it is normal and indestructible.” The fact is that hearing is wholly spiritual, so it is normal for each of us to hear God speaking to us. When one is in tune with God, following the angel thoughts, you hear everything you need to hear, see everything you need to see. This is our complete safety, and we have no other safety.

    This is why a society that acknowledges God as its Preserver will prosper and grow, and that society that refuses to acknowledge God does not. Yet, God is always there.

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