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"slow of heart to believe"

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Announcements Forums Christian Science – June 25th, 2017 "slow of heart to believe"

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    I love the story of the walk to Emmaus, because it mirrors just how “slow of heart to believe” I was, and more importantly, it proves God’s great patience and mercy.

    For forty years, I experienced goodness and love, and had even spent time reading the Bible; yet still I walked blindly into the stupidest, most avoidable situations. I had to be practically beaten over the head with Truth and Love before I recognized it. As we are taught here, it is the nature of the human mind to be stupid, and I know myself how true that is.

    When Christ Jesus went over step-by-step for them, “beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself” (Luke 24: 27), it is so easy to see the love and patience that God, and therefore the Christ, has for all. You can practically hear Truth saying to them “Consciousness, where art thou?” (S&H, p. 308) I am very thankful for His endless patience.

    I am also grateful to this church for teaching about Christian Science, and for practitioner support that has further clarified the practical steps to stay focused on God, and on His reality. I couldn’t find this path on my own, but as a member of this church it was shown to me and I am learning to walk it now. What a continual blessing! Thank you!

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