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Spiritual and Immortal Reality

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Announcements Forums Reality – September 29th, 2019 Spiritual and Immortal Reality

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    I do wonder sometimes how people first accepted that the world was NOT flat but round? The reaction to the Truth of Being as spiritual, immortal, must be the same and probably worst? It is radical, revolutionary. And we have all grown up with this perpetuating lie of material self-hood for years. The infinite blessings that does come to anyone who “admits, claims, declares and understand” spiritual immortal being makes us all yearn that people may come to our website empty, hungering for what they’ve probably spent years seeking and find the Truth at last.

    SH 335: Spirit, God, has created all in and of Himself. “Himself” is Spirit, hence I cannot be anything but spiritual. Sounds elementary? Yet that is the one thing I better be knowing for myself and all continually in order to feel the all –harmonious of my true being! (Our Father which art in heaven, Our Father-Mother God, all-harmonious). As I start to “get” this, I start to see how IMPOSSIBLE the lies and the law of the lies are and have been.

    As Mrs. Eddy says in the Redbook pg. 80, “I don’t care what mortal sense has done; I don’t care how it has beat me, and worked me, and insulted me, wronged me and lied to me, and tortured me. It is all past and it is a dream. I have found Love at last. I can lie down in the Father’s arms and be at peace. I love God supremely.”

    We are awake on our immortal, spiritual journey…“Onward, Upward, Heavenward, Outward.” Can’t be fooled NOW!!


    Thank you. This post reminds me of watch #122 where Carpenter says “There is no false testimony more persistent than that the sun moves in relation to the earth; yet that constant evidence has not the slightest power to force enlightened people to accept it is true. If persistence gave false testimony power, then that daily illusion would surely have power over us. Yet it has none. We should adopt this same attitude toward error, namely, that the continuation of its false claims and testimony has no power whatsoever to make us believe in it, once we have learned its illusive nature.” Thank God!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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