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Sunday Roundtable at Jesus' Feet During Dorian

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    Dear Friends,

    I’m so thankful for the inspirational Roundtable discussion last Sunday on Christ Jesus. With all the chaos in the world, it is comforting to know that in S&H, Mrs. Eddy has given us instruction on how to handle these predicted tumultuous times by choosing Science and peace instead of discord and fear.

    Living in central Florida, with the threat of Dorian mounting, I gained peace by remembering that God is ever-present and there is no power but God that can act. I began to work on knowing that God is Love. That Love is reflected in the water, the wind, the earth, and the sun. Love is harmonious. I began to hold thought to God’s Love in the trees, the birds and animals. “If it’s not harmonious, it’s not of God and has no power.”

    Chapter 62, Handling the Weather, in the Carpenters’ book, Her Spiritual Footsteps, helped my husband and I claim dominion over the storm, especially with the beautiful passage: “When I take it up, I face the clouds and see God’s face, Love, shining right through; then the clouds scatter and there is no storm to break upon any one.”

    Psalm 91 helped me to focus on abiding in the shelter of the Secret Place of the Most High. And to remember the unseen forces, the angels who guide and protect. Legions of Angels protecting the East Coast.

    I will admit that my human had bouts of great fear at times, as animal magnetism worked hard, sending negative outpicturing scenes for the East Coast, based on the weather forecast. I knew the work was to yield to scientific thoughts of Truth and KEEP it there. I recalled Christ on the boat with the disciples when the storm came and they were afraid they would perish, as you discussed at the Roundtable. That helped me to breath easy, knowing Christ is with me always. There is nothing to fear. There is only one reality, God’s Love…not two.

    I also was thankful for A Treatment for Every Day that I read aloud each morning. After almost two years, these powerful truths come automatically during times of need and so I repeated often: “God is my strength. God is my Life. God is my health. God is my understanding. Your Life is in Him. No power can bind you. God is the only Life. Spirit is the only substance. Love is the only cause. Harmony is the only law. Now is the only time.” A CS Practitioner at your Church had guided me to this powerful daily discipline that has changed my life. Thank you.

    What I learned from this third hurricane has been helpful. Whenever I am in deep fear, if I am willing to shift my thinking by choosing love over fear, not just quoting what I have read intellectually, but really breathing into the moment and going within. The recognition that in this harrowing moment, whatever I am facing must be met, so don’t try wishing it away or running from it, but embracing this eternal harmonious “now” as perfect for my soul’s growth.

    Time and again, through the storm’s duration, this little willingness would bring about an amazing transformation. Before long, a lifting of dread and doom would be changed into such a loving peaceful awareness of God’s presence and tender care that absolutely nothing can destroy…(except own fearful thinking which would drop me down from the Most High, no longer subject to God’s Law of Love.

    Our area had some rainfall and subtropical winds, but this morning I woke up with joyful, thankful tears, feeling such a peace of heaven for all. The garden, the trees, and even our feral feline showed up for a late breakfast.

    So thankful to Mrs. Eddy, Christian Science, the CS Plainfield Church, Independent, and all the Light you shine to dispel the illusion.

    Joyful blessings,

    Rae in Florida

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