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Sunday Roundtable on Love

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    Rae Hauck

    Thanks to all the members of the Roundtable on Love. I learned a lot from the session and could see how all things work together for good when we stay open. Betty’s emotional questioning brought me back to the first time I spoke with a practitioner at Plainfield. I had come to know you all through the website, but decided to place a call for help. A fear was rising up trying to undo my good regarding a fear of blindness. I could now see thanks to eye surgery. But my mortal mind claimed I was a failure; like a whirlpool, it tempted to pull me under with deep tides of helpless emotions. I can remember so clearly what the loving practitioner said to me that morning. I was sitting out in my garden in the sunlight, speaking to her on the phone. She had given me some space to state my fears, but then…I heard her say: “It sounds like it’s all about YOU!”

    It was as though she reached out and grabbed the rubber mask off my face. Startled, I snapped out of my mesmerism with a tearful little laugh! “You’re right!”

    WOW! I could see very clearly that I was so busy dwelling on the problem, I was blind to the truth. I began to look for more ways to be helpful to others, to do the daily treatment, study the Bible more, the lesson, listen to the archives.

    This morning I heard, Go to page 147 in Prose Works. I shouldn’t have been surprised to read: [The upright man] He assumes no borrowed appearance. He seeks no mask to cover him, for he acts no studied part; but he is indeed what he appears to be,–full of truth, candor, and humanity.” (Letters, p.147)

    Mrs. Singleterry demonstrated the Truth before finishing up the Roundtable by taking authority. (Reminded me of, “Take possession of your body, govern its feeling and action. Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good. God has made man capable of this, and nothing can vitiate the ability and power divinely bestowed on man.” (S&H 393:10))

    It takes courage to stand up for the truth. Thanks to all the support from the dedicated practitioners at Plainfield, I’m more awake to the wiles of mortal mind! And special thanks to Betty for her openness in sharing her confusion. It paved the way for others like myself to question our own line of reasoning.

    Joyful blessings,


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