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Take counsel together…

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    4. Isaiah 8
    10 Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us.

    What a wonderful verse, and its message that ignorance and wrong thinking are cast out by the right thinking that only Christian Science brings has been continuously proven true to me by all this church offers:

    • We gather for the Forum and the insights posted illuminate the lesson.
    • We gather for the Bible Studies and the Bible has come alive to be shown it is indeed “The Chart of Life.”
    • We gather for the Roundtables and Science and Health becomes clearer and its practicality understood.
    • We gather for the services and mankind can see the proof that “God is with us.”
    • We gather for the watches and the fears and beliefs of this world “come to nought.”
    • We “take counsel” with a practitioner and the changes in thought that must happen for us to be healed and useful to God are addressed.

    Where else could even part of this happen, let alone all of this at once?

    I am so grateful for Christian Science, this church, the practitioners, and everyone that consistently demonstrates to make that verse true each week. Thank you!



    Thank you Jeremy for this post, it wonderfully summarizes all the good that is going on here, and it certainly illustrates how church is the “structure of Truth and Love” as all of these different activities are part of that structure, in addition to the beautiful edifice. There is so much to be grateful for, and so much to share!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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