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    “Tenderness accompanies all the might of Spirit.” This truth is a wonderful thing to ponder and take to heart. I never understood how merciful God is until coming to Plainfield. I even believed for a long time that God punished with the weather and that forever forgiveness was hard to get. Now I understand that after repenting and changing, we are forgiven, and it is disrespectful not to fully accept God’s forgiveness.The other thing I have learned is that we must forgive others , not because we are nice, but it is a command since we ourselves have been forgiven. God’s tender mercy is a beautiful thing.


    I thought about this citation too. At first glance tenderness seemed not to go with “might”
    From the 1828 dictionary tenderness is:
    3. Kind attention; anxiety for the good of another, or to save him from pain.
    4. Scrupulousness; caution; extreme care or concern not to give or to commit offense; as tenderness of conscience.
    These definitions makes tenderness and might a perfect fit. Perhaps like Mercy and Judgement.Grateful for the
    practice of looking up words for their expanded meanings.


    Thank you for these postings on tenderness. I think of Truth and Love as the strength of God together with His lovingkindness and tendermercy. How good, great,and wonderful is our God!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Love is the liberator.