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Thank you!!

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    Linda Russell

    I am very thankful for what I am learning at this Church. It is really amazing!
    A few weeks ago I was experiencing some limitation and pain while walking. I asked my practitioner for some help and within two weeks this issue was healed with no trace of it ever being present. My practitioner recommended memorizing the hymn; “I Walk With Love Along The Way” whenever I go out for walks (which I love to do) or anytime I was walking. I gladly did this. She also recommended working with the Body article by Mary Baker Eddy. Several times I heard voices telling me “Oh, you should get this checked out. A chiropractor could fix this in no time may be creating a worse problem by not getting help…blah, blah..blah” Each time I did my best to answer back with “God is Body, God is my body and God is the ONLY body. This body is spiritual and not material.” During this two week period my practitioner was helping me to see that this work is not about me; it’s about God. This prickled me at first because it reminded me of what my mother used to say; “Linda, the world does not revolve around you. You are NOT the center of the universe.” I was quite disappointed to hear this :):) I am slowly learning and am so grateful for my practitioner for pointing this out. After bristling over this a bit I quickly felt relief. Also, she instructed that the time for gratitude is now. I was not to wait for something to happen to be grateful, but to be grateful right here and now. Soon after that I was reading the morning Lesson and I felt such gratitude well up in me and I wanted to share it so I got on the website and expressed gratitude. Something felt different in me and in my body and I could tell that something had shifted. From that moment the limitation became less and less until it was completely gone. I so appreciate the love and patience of my practitioner, all the resources offered by this Church, the posts by everyone on this website and Mary Baker Eddy for her love and devotion to God and Mankind.

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