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Thank you for the Testimony Meeting and Bible Study

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    Colleen Mostika

    Thank you so much for last Wednesday’s Testimony meeting themed: ” Fear not, Trust Love’s Constant Care.” It has been so helpful to me this week in facing down many fears. I am learning that when I walk with God and do his will, I don’t have anything to worry about. I do not wish for anyone, anything but Love’s constant care. What is better than that? Nothing! God’s will is always right and the most loving answer to all situations, even if I do not understand it at the moment. Through the teachings at this Church, I am learning to trust God with everything moment by moment. To be meek and wait for God to show me the way and not be concerned with how things may seem to look on the surface. I know that God doesn’t make mistakes, in my own ignorance I do make mistakes. So, to put all my trust in God relieves a heavy burden off my shoulders and has given me great peace.
    What impressed me so much in this week’s Bible Study on Peter and John was their absolute humility and there unshakeable trust in God and his Word made manifest through Christ Jesus. Although these two apostles were of the highest spiritual nature next to Christ Jesus, they sinned,too. Peter had denied Christ Jesus three times before the cock crowed. Peter and John both slept in Gethsemane when Christ Jesus asked them to “Watch” with him. Yet, they knew that God is always present and loves and heals all through His Word. It gives me comfort to know that whatever error I have entertained, I can at once repent and turn my thought up to God he will take me in. God never lets go of us! In Miscellany, Mary Baker Eddy writes on page 119:32: “St. John found Christ, Truth in the Word which is God.” These men were so wise and understood that the Truth was in the Word of God and not in any person. We, too can turn our thought at once to God, Truth, and our salvation will be at hand. Thank you Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent for sharing your loving ideas of Truth!

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