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The Answer is Always There

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    Recently as I was doing work for our upcoming elections and our government in general, I found myself very easily mesmerized by the news media, political emails, etc and this mesmerism was presenting a real challenge to me in praying effectively and was certainly making it very difficult to see the Truth, so what good was all this – NOT MUCH. I contacted my practitioner and even though she had very recently given me several very powerful statements of Truth to work with, here I was reaching out for support again in working through the same issue, AND AGAIN she very lovingly gave me several ideas to work with to break through this mental picture. I started working with those thoughts and I also decided to listen to the Roundtable Discussion entitled, “I and My Father are One” – in part of that discussion came a very strong rebuke that would seem to be for anyone in general however I felt it was directed right at me; at first I was a little taken back but then I realized, yes of course this is why that mesmerism regarding the elections, etc. had taken hold in my thinking so easily – it was because I had not been consistent nor consecrated in my work – I was only working part time not full time at studying, watching and praying.

    Being an effective Christian Scientist is a full time rewarding job that brings joy, happiness, love, inspiration and so much more.

    I am so grateful for the rebuke that came to me through that Roundtable Discussion and these rebukes make you a better person; it enables you also to become more alert and effective in your prayerful work whether it might be for a friend, your family, the world or yourself.

    I grew up in Christian Science, and have had class instruction, however I feel I can honestly say I have grown more in this wonderful religion and way of life since I became a member of this church with its’ wonderful teachings whether they come through the Practitioners, the Bible Study, the Roundtable Discussions, the church services or all the powerful articles and books provided on the website – the answer is always there.


    Debra Glidden

    Thank you for this posting.
    As I read your experience, I realized me too!! I have not been living Christian Science full time and therefore, have not realized the full and complete power of our loving Father.

    After I read your posting, I signed on to YouTube and Mrs. Eddy’s article on Place was ready for me to hear. Of course, it contains Truth that I need.

    Oh Happy Day!!

    Thank you to all who love God, Mrs. Eddy, Christian Science, me and all of God’s children.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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