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The At-One-Ment Mindset

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    The at-one-ment mindset understands existence as spherical, having neither beginning nor end. At-one-ment is a state. Thought proceeding from the at-one-ment state is causal: it is thinking from Cause, not merely of or about Cause. “. . . [M]an has not a separate mind from Deity, for that would make other Intelligences, and there would be more than one God.” (Science and Health, first edition, 1875, Mary Baker Glover, p. 116). It is from Cause that Jesus wrought his many wonderful works. At-one-ment consciousness is “I-and-the-Father-are-one” consciousness, and for this Jesus was crucified by those who said, “Away with him, for he maketh himself as God.”

    Nevertheless, understanding is knowing, not believing;, that “I and the Father are one. The Father is greater than I. He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.” And it is only this One-with-Cause consciousness that can heal the sick, raise the dead, move mountains, and assault the gates of hell.

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