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The constant pressure

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    “Christian Scientists must live under the constant pressure of the apostolic command to come out from the material world and be separate.” (S&H) Notice Mrs. Eddy says we “must” live under this command – it is not a suggestion or anything to be taken lightly. It is also the only time Mrs. Eddy mentions the word “pressure” in Science and Health or in Prose Works. I have found when I live up to this command and all it implies, all the other kinds of “pressures” fade away – all the “you must do that” “you must please him” “you have to be here” etc. and so forth. The only thing any of us must do is to obey God – to please Him, and to refuse to be tugged around by the bullying and constant demands of the world. When we do this everything else falls into place and we feel the peace of God, the peace that obeying Him alone brings.



    Command (from Webster’s 1828)
    COMMAND, verb transitive
    1. To bid; to order; to direct; to charge; implying authority, and power to control, and to require obedience.
    2. To govern, lead or direct; to have or to exercise supreme authority over.
    COMMAND, noun
    1. The right or power of governing with chief or exclusive authority; supreme power; control; as, an officer has a brigade under his command;

    It is obvious I was not taking God’s commands as commands, perhaps not those from Christ Jesus nor Mrs. Eddy’s. The “Must” statements are not just suggestions,or advice? They are COMMANDS. No wonder the suffering that went on with such disobedience. I did not even see it as disobedience but now I do and I am grateful!! If you want more peace, obey God’s commands,live to please Him and the peace that only He gives will be yours.


    Pilar Deblinger

    Thank you for these teachings. After reading the book by Ann Beals “The Law of Love” I’m astounded at the erroneous concepts I had of how I was following the command to Love. On page 115 of S&H, Mrs Eddy describes the three degrees of mortal mind, and in “the Law of Love”, Ann Beals describes each one in detail, again I was astounded by my blindness and how when we really dig deep we find we are not really that good as we thought we were, and we still have a lot to work on. In this Lesson we are asked to take a good hard look at ours so called “goodness”. Are we really good? because we don’t purposely harm another? or kill, or rob? There are so many layers, that I’m sure it will take a lifetime or more to discover and resolve. Thank you again for the teachings in this Church



    Thank you for these most helpful posts. Here’s a wonderful passage from Mis. 377-2:

    “Then thought I, What are we, that He who fashions forever such forms and hues of heaven, should move our brush or pen to paint frail fairness or to weave a web of words that glow with gladdening gleams of God, so unapproachable, and yet so near and full of radiant relief in clouds and darkness.”

    What an uplifting thought from Mrs. Eddy. “Weave a web of words that glow with gladdening gleams of God…”

    Another heartfelt passage I was led to today:

    “When the hearts of Christian Scientists are woven together as are the names in the web of history, earth will float majestically heaven’s heraldry, and echo the song of angels: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Mis. 145:27

    So comforting to realize that there is no mortal mind to err, only the perfection of the Christ as we surrender and live His life in full gratitude for immeasurable grace.

    There were two more passages on “web” that came to light.

    “To weave one strand of Science through the looms of time, is a miracle in itself.” Mis. 99:6

    “The divine Science of Man is woven into one web of consistency without seam or rent.” S&H 242:25



    Thank you for these posts. They help me to know HOW to,” come out from the material world and be separate.” This has been a hard concept for me. Yes, it is an ongoing work that is possible by knowing God’s great Love for us. When I think of pleasing God it makes me smile, for that is the desire of the heart.

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