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The cry

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    There were several instances in the lesson where a cry was made. There is much more to a cry than an emotional melt down with sorrow and despair. In some cases it is an earnest, sincere and unselfish request or prayer. “O Lord, I cried unto thee, thou hast healed me.” I thank God for the times I have reached out to Him, holding nothing back, and inevitably, there has been an answer or a way made. This proves that there is a God and that He hears and answers sincere prayer. There is nothing half-hearted about this cry.
    Another cry is an announcement or proclamation of something noteworthy or profound. “Another mighty angel come down from heaven…And cried with a loud voice…take the little book”. This cry came from the heavenly angel. God is speaking to us all the time. May my ear be open to this cry and take notice.

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