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The fables of mortal mind annihilated.

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Announcements Forums Mortals and Immortals — May 17th, 2020 The fables of mortal mind annihilated.

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    I have been thinking a lot about the quote from Science and Health in this week’s lesson “The truths of Immortal Mind sustain man, and they annihilate the fables of mortal mind, whose flimsy and gaudy pretensions, like silly moths, singe their own wings and fall into dust.”

    Definitions form Webster’s 1828 Dictionary
    Sustain-to bear; to uphold; support; keep from falling; maintain ; keep alive; to endure without failing of yielding
    Annihilate- reduce to nothing
    Fable- falsehood, lie
    Flimsy-weak, feeble, vain, without strength or solid substance
    Gaudy- showy
    Pretension- holding out the appearance of right or possession of a thing, with a view to make others believe what is not real.

    This was saying to me that the truths of Immortal Mind that I am claiming to be true about man are supporting me and help me to see the nothingness of mortal mind’s vain feeble attempts to take possession of my thinking and try to make me believe that which is not true or real. I know the fear, doubt, or any suggestions that God is not all are without substance or reality and like the “silly moths” that unknowingly fly into the burning light which singe their wings, these lies of mortal mind must ultimately fall into dust, nothingness, where they came from.

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