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The Final Combat?

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Announcements Forums Matter – March 19th, 2017 The Final Combat?

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    SH 268 Materialistic hypotheses challenge metaphysics to meet in final combat.

    We are in that final combat, where there is so much emphasis on reliance on materiality on one hand: incessant advertisements to promote reliance on medicine, so much about how to make your body perfect, vitamins for longevity, understand the brain, material prosperity as a goal, belong to such and such social organization etc. The contrasting pull is the call to seek God first and have all that is important added to us.
    SH 311:28-32 Matter, sin, and mortality lose all supposed consciousness or claim to life or existence, as mortals lay off a false sense of life, substance, and intelligence. But the spiritual, eternal man is not touched by these phases of mortality.

    May we also work to remain in earnest, to strive for the realization of the Truth of our true being as: “Jacob conquered material error with the understanding of Spirit and of spiritual power.” We can gain the same results: “This changed the man.” SH
    Many are waking up to see how they have been and are being fooled by the deceptive evil of life in matter; the question to ourselves must be, am I living as God’s own child (in the realm of Soul) or am I in the Adam dream (life in matter?)

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