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The glory of human life

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    In Mrs. Eddy’s article “Is There No Sacrificial Atonement?” in the chapter “No and Yes” (Prose Works), she states, “The glory of human life is in overcoming sickness, sin, and death.” I have thought about that quite a bit recently. People are sometimes apt to think of their lives as boring, mundane, worthless etc., and this is very true of what we call the “Adam Dream.” But here, in this simple statement, Mrs. Eddy tells us of what can change all that! Each day, each and everyone of us, has opportunities to overcome the beliefs of sickness, sin, and death. And when we rise to the occasion and work to prove the unreality of disease, sin and death, in all their myriad illusive forms – we will find real purpose and meaning to life, whether we our knowing these truths for ourselves, for others, or for the world collectively. What greater joy can there be than to rise up out of the ashes of mortal belief and to find our real being in God? To come upon this God-given glory, you don’t have to live in a mansion or be a college graduate or to have a big family etc. – you only have to be willing to follow in the footsteps of our Master and Mrs. Eddy. Not always an easy path, but one so worth the effort.
    “Dear Lord and Father of us all, forgive our foolish ways; reclothe us in our rightful mind; in purer lives Thy service find, in deeper reverence praise.” (Hymn # 49)

    Colleen Mostika

    Thank you, Marybeth for this post! I feel this divine message coming from God through Christ Jesus, through Mrs. Eddy, through you to bless us. I am grateful.


    “Dear Lord and Father of us all, forgive our foolish ways; reclothe us in our rightful mind; in purer lives Thy service find, in deeper reverence praise.” (Hymn # 49)

    Thank you, I love this hymn particularly because of the selfless sense of it, including ALL mankind just as the Lord’s Prayer’s selfless sense. The selfless demand of the true practice of Science brings James 5:16 to thought: “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

    Pondering this I found a line in a Spurgeon devotional on that verse: “Believer, thou hast a mighty engine in thy hand, use it well, use it constantly, use it with faith, and thou shalt surely be a benefactor to thy brethren.”

    These prayers do not have to be any lengthy petitions, but to declare even short truths with faith to contradict presenting false beliefs have been very helpful. An example is to declare, “there are no accidents in Mind,” when I see an ambulance, “there are no fires in Mind,” denouncing the belief of fires in God’s kingdom with faith, and knowing that God’s law of perfect harmony and Love is governing all has been very useful for me. This discipline clears my thinking and keeps me “acquainted with Him.”

    One thing is sure and we are all experiencing this, that when we use what we are learning to help, awaken, and comfort others we are truly blessed ourselves!


    “The glory of human life is in overcoming sickness, sin, and death.” Thank you, this is so wonderful to contemplate!

    The definition of glory in the 1828 dictionary includes, “Honor; praise; fame; renown; celebrity” and also, “The felicity of heaven prepared for the children of God; celestial bliss… Honorable representation of God.”

    Society decries our “celebrity culture”, leaving a lot of people feeling “left out”, or desperately seeking those “15 minutes of fame.” (When those 15 minutes are over, then what?) Herein lies the antidote! I can never thank this church enough for helping me to “reclothe us in our rightful mind” and find my true purpose in serving the Lord. Hallelujah!

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