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"The lonely precincts of the tomb … a refuge"

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    In the CS Sentinel of September 1938, Violet Tripp (from the UK) shared her testimony of healing from a severe car accident:

    “I went down to the country for the day by coach, and was met at a certain point by a niece in a car. As we were traveling along a wide main road, a car shot from a narrow lane without any kind of warning, reducing our car to an utter wreck. The first thing I was conscious of was that I was scrambling out of a deep ditch, where I had been flung backwards doubled up, and was declaring, ‘God knows no accidents, so all is well.’

    “…. By this time I was conscious of a deep and severe pain, and as soon as possible was taken by a passing lorry to my sister’s house. I still held to my first declaration, and was able to sit down to luncheon.

    “During the afternoon the difficulty in breathing or moving, owing to the intense pain, became so obvious to my relatives that great pressure was brought to bear upon me to agree that a doctor be sent for at once. I was able to speak the words that dispelled the expressed fear, and nothing more was said.

    “I stayed the whole day as arranged, and in the evening the chauffeur, driving me to meet the London coach, was told to drive slowly and with great care. The slightest vibration proved such agony that I felt myself being overwhelmed with fear, as it seemed impossible to attempt two hours in the coach, if I could not stand this careful driving in a private car. Suddenly a passage from the Bible Lesson of that week, ‘Probation after Death,’ seemed written before my eyes, ‘The lonely precincts of the tomb gave Jesus a refuge from his foes, a place in which to solve the great problem of being,’ (Science and Health, p. 44). Instantaneously all fear vanished, and I found myself rejoicing at the thought of the two hours’ journey in which to work, as I had not been left alone since the accident.

    “I had a wonderful journey, and on reaching home found that my sister had telephoned to my friend, to warn her of my condition and urge her to have medical aid, but this friend got in touch immediately with a Christian Science practitioner. For the next two days I was enabled to carry out every duty, including church work and that of my office, in spite of unceasing pain, difficulty in breathing and walking, and having to keep in an upright position day and night. The third day the whole condition suddenly lifted and I knew myself to be completely free.”


    Powerful testimony, thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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