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“The Messiah" by Handel

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Announcements Forums Christian Science — December 27th, 2020 “The Messiah" by Handel

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    Today while searching our website I came across the article below by Parthens from a previous forum post. It has an encouraging message and a timely story about Handel and “The Messiah” which made me appreciate the music more.

    “‘In 1898, when work had accumulated to such an extent that I [Judge Hannah] wrote Mrs. Eddy for permission to resign some of my places, she asked me to adopt a method of relief by taking certain hours each day for self work, during which I was not to be interrupted by anyone for any purpose. She said that had she not adopted such a course, she never could have accomplished her work.” … Therefore, whenever I am tempted to feel overwhelmed with the work that heaven has assigned me to perform, may God help me to interrupt myself: to consecrate every moment, every breath, ‘from the rising of the sun to the going down thereof,’ to the task of surrendering.”
    Click on link to read whole article:“God to Earth … God to Earth … Come In, Please”by Parthens – 10/07/2014


    “After Handel received the libretto to ‘The Messiah,’ made up entirely of sacred scripture, he was inspired to take no action whatsoever, but instead decided to devote his attention to God for a season. … Later, Handel testified that during those 3 days he had been taken to heaven, ‘absent from the body, present with the Lord’ in a state of continual Christ-consciousness. After that experience, he wrote the massive score of ‘The Messiah’ in just 21 days. He never charged a penny for any of the performances, insisting that the work was not his: that he was only the secretary of heaven’s musical dictation.” by Parthens


    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this post! I had the MOST DELIGHTFUL Christmas, starting with the WONDERFUL Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, and then on Christmas Day I read this post, followed up by reading Parthens’ 2014 article that you mentioned. I was so moved in reading about Handel’s experience, and since I already had one of my CDs of “The Messiah” in my CD player, I immediately turned it up and listened with so much joy, while I continued my deeper study of Mrs. Eddy’s poem, Christ and Christmas. During this holy time, I received a “Merry Christmas” text from a former client, who has studied Christian Science in the past, and I shared the information with her in my reply. She was thrilled to learn this fascinating fact. Otherwise, I also shared the Peter V. Ross article entitled, “Remedy for Lawlessness” with 2 other Christian Scientists, and one forwarded it on to 10 others. When she asked the source of the article, I shared the PF website with her, and also emailed her both of Peter V. Ross’s books that I got off the PF website (Lectures on CS, pages 215-216 – has the similar article entitled “Cure for Lawlessness”) and she expressed much gratitude for receiving them. WOW! The PERFECT Christmas Eve and Day! Thanks again for this post and Parthens’ article!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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