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"the microscope of Spirit"

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Announcements Forums Spirit — August 9th, 2020 "the microscope of Spirit"

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    “Matter disappears under the microscope of Spirit.” (Science and Health 264:21)

    A microscope makes things that seem to be invisible, become visible and magnified to our sight. So it is with Spirit, “which is the only true conception of being.” (from True Vision by John Morgan) Further in that same article, Morgan says, “The clear sight of Spirit does not blind me to faults and errors. Rather I detect them more clearly — but as unrealities.” It is this “microscope of Spirit” which searches me and knows me, where “known” is defined as “examined” and “approved.” Spirit exposes any faults — not to punish or condemn, — but only so these faults may disappear as unrealities; thus magnifying the good, and approving of us as the child of God. Such a beautiful image this Lesson has given us!

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