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The Right Definition of Apocalypse

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Announcements Forums Reality – March 26th, 2017 The Right Definition of Apocalypse

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    I find it interesting that much of the world thinks of the word “Apocalypse” as a disaster or destructive world-wide event, instead of the revealing or uncovering of something. Many people I know seem to view the last book in the Bible not as “Revelation” but as the foretelling of a terrible event. Thus is it important that we understand the spiritual meaning, and thank you to the Bible study today (and Rev. Kratzer’s “Revelation Interpreted”), which delved into John’s message from a spiritual perspective.

    A quote from Pathios.com:

    “The secular definition of apocalypse or the way in which the world uses this word without referring to the Bible is that it means some event of cataclysmic proportion or some event that causes great destruction or loss or something that creates great fear as a result of a great disaster. Something such as a sudden nuclear war or worldwide destructive war might be considered an apocalyptic event. … The Greek word for apocalypse is “apocálypsis” and means a revealing or an uncovering and that is exactly what the word revelation means. It is like a curtain or veil that is lifted so that what is behind it can be seen or the contents are suddenly disclosed. The Book of Revelation has a similar meaning as it is an uncovering or revealing of something that was previously unseen or hidden.

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