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"The Second Coming"

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    Many thanks for Sunday’s (3/5/17) Roundtable discussion, in which was mentioned a pamphlet printed in 1963, “The Overwhelming Evidence Concerning Spiritual Healings Through Mary Baker Eddy” by Ralph B. Spencer. Mr. Spencer speaks of the “Second Coming of the Christ-spirit. The Second Coming had been prophecied by both St. John and Jesus, and it came as prophecied. We might say that it came in four steps or phases, those of 1844, 1866, 1875, and the one to come, possibly in 1977.”

    It was noted that in 1977 was when the lawsuit occurred and Plainfield Christian Science Church was set free from the organization. Now being Independent, they were free to practice Mary Baker Eddy’s pure Revelation of Christian Science, abiding faithfully to every Bylaw in the Manual. We have certainly been learning in our Bible studies that “by their fruits ye shall know them”; this Independent church is practicing the pure love that Christ Jesus requested his followers to do, with resultant healing work.

    Jesus replied to the devil, when tempted, “it is written” (Matt. 4), and we have the proofs and the prophesies in the Bible which are the source and the anchor for all that is done in this Independent Plainfield church.

    I am extremely grateful that these facts are coming to the surface, to know that the power and the presence of the Lord abides here, and that “God is working His purpose out” (hymn 82).

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