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The time approaches…

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    In S&H citation 8 we read: “The time approaches when mortal mind will forsake its corporeal, structural, and material basis, when immortal Mind and its formations will be apprehended in Science, and material beliefs will not interfere with spiritual facts.”

    That’s a wonderful thing to contemplate! I can clearly see the progress that has been made in my own thinking, and I can credit the teaching here at the Plainfield Church for such progress. Because for years, despite being a “class-taught” Christian Scientist, I suppose I didn’t want spiritual facts to interfere too much with my material beliefs! My lack of spiritual progress kept me like a hamster in a wheel going round and round. Mortal mind cannot too soon forsake its material basis. Spiritual facts are incontestable; we can prove them in our lives every day. Not so with so-called facts based on material beliefs, because, “The life of man is Mind.”

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