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There Is Lifting Up

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    Job 22: 29. When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person.
    This verse stood out so strongly today….To see many reports from so many including celebrities tell how the uncertainties of these times has humbled them gives hope. In Spurgeon’s extensive Sermon on this verse he repeatedly refers to the need for humility. Here are excerpts that brings this imperative point home:

    When the flood came, then the ungodly world was bowed down by fear, but Noah could say, “There is lifting up;” and as the ark began to float upon the waters, his mind was perfectly convinced that God would save the humble……
    You cannot talk with some men until you do find them cast down. They are too shy and reserved, too proud and unapproachable; or perhaps too profane and blustering, to allow you to say a word to them about eternal things. But you can catch them sometimes. When sorrow has ploughed the soil, the good seed may get, perhaps, into the heart that erst was so hard……
    When men are cast down, then do you go to them, and say, “There is lifting up.” Tell them that there is another lamp, that was never kindled in this world, and never blown out in this world either, which will gild the darkness of their poverty, of their sickness, and of their sorrow……

    We cannot escape from the demand to be humble.This could very well be the time when “men are cast down” and are humble and ready to listen to the Truth. May each of our own trials and overcoming equip us with faith enough in the Truth to be able to with honest hearts tell whomever may be brought our way “There is lifting up,” for our God is merciful and His promises never fail!


    Beautiful, and so true. Thank you.

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