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There is no power apart from God.

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Announcements Forums Doctrine of Atonement — October 17th, 2021 There is no power apart from God.

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    “There is no power apart from God. Omnipotence has all-power, and to acknowledge any other power is to dishonor God.” Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, page 228

    “Power: Force; strength; energy; influence; command; government; dominion; ruler; sway; authority; right; dominion; operation; ability.” Websters 1828 Dictionary

    I was given this citation to work with from our Bible lesson this week. I took each word from the dictionary definition and put it in place of the word “power”. Such as – There is no force apart from God.

    The word “dishonor” is to refuse, reproach, lesson the reputation, lack of reverence and respect.


    Thank you for this post! I’ve been using these definitive words you found for “power” — it really brings it home in every circumstance, every phase of life, that God is the only power!!

    It makes me think of a statement from Science and Health (544:14), “No mortal mind has the might or right or wisdom to create or to destroy.” This statement was included in a healing experience I read. It was held to and resulted in the overcoming of a very dangerous situation, lives were transformed, and many turned to Christian Science.

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