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there is no such place.

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Announcements Forums Reality — September 25th, 2022 there is no such place.

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    Mortal mind sees and experiences the contents and qualities of its own delusion or imaginations and beliefs. It thinks to know a world with hospitals full of cancer patients and suffering from horrible pathogens killing millions, a world of wars never-endings, discord, strife, unhappiness and suffering, etc. Sometimes I experience it too, and then I have to pray my way out of this deep, black hole.
    Martha Wilcox wrote in her 1941 address: “The claim is that there is a material world, a geographical place over there somewhere, where people hate each other, and kill each other.” There is no such place! We never should accept such a place in our consciousness. All place has been taken by infinite Mind.

    Rev. Kratcher wrote that the inner-life of Jesus was a sea of glass. I read somewhere that Jesus of Nazareth could be seen as a traveler from inner space, the only space, healing humanity’s alienation from God.
    All is infinite Mind, and its infinite manifestation, do I really experience this tender Love as my reality? The sinless joy, the perfect harmony and immortality, possessing unlimited divine beauty and goodness without a single bodily pleasure or pain, constitutes the only veritable, indestructible man, whose being is spiritual. (S&H p,76.) Mentally destroying all belief in material pleasure or pain, (418) was something I found difficult. But striving for oneness is the most wonderful thing one can do, absolute oneness with Mind is our only way of escape.


    Thank you for sharing J. Hello again to you. Adding to your post about “this world” of self-preservation.

    Personal sense, mesmerism, error: That obstacle in the form of “the seen” that gets in every disciple’s way.

    It is easier to desire Truth than to understand error as mesmerism. (MBE)

    “Science and Health 1875, Chapter 1: Natural Science” methodically broken down and deeply thought about presents Spirit as the Infinite ALL, and explains the nature of “error” as a TERM denoting nothingness. MBE stays on message, blessed page after blessed page!

    Spirit, with great tenderness, is GUIDING every true disciple, moment by moment, away from belief in mortality to ITSELF.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Love is the liberator.