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Today's Daily Calender offerings

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    Linda Russell

    I am very grateful for the link in today’s Daily Calendar email to the YouTube audio reading of Rev. G. A. Krazter’s “Working Out Our Problem” from “Dominion Within”. I love Rev. Kratzer’s writings. This one was particularly helpful as I have been praying about how involved to get in helping my Mom through a “rough patch”. At some point in time I elected myself “savior of the family” maybe because of being the eldest, wanting to fix and help everyone. Hearing this talk is a wonderful help to me, a confirmation and answer to prayer. I had all these ideas of ways to share Christian Science and give her a bunch of daily “assignments” to help her feel better. I am seeing as I write this how I spent more time seeing something that needed fixing “out there” and how I should help fix it rather than seeing the fixing needed to take place “in here”, in my consciousness for seeing something wrong with my Mom – attaching a problem to her – and then thinking I had to do something about it . As the time approached to visit her, I dropped everything I had planned to give her except a little index card with statements of God being “my health, my strength, my life, my stability, my joy, my energy.” When I went over to see her she looked great and was in good spirits and there didn’t seem to be anything “wrong” at all. I am getting so much out of this talk in regards to taking care of my “own house” first. I am so grateful for the Plainfield Church and everyone involved here and all the wonderful resources available. They quickly help me to get back on track when I lose my way. Blessings and Love to all.

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