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Treatment vs. Watch

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    Debra Glidden


    What is the difference between giving a treatment and a watch?

    Thank you for all information and references to study.


    My own understanding on this:

    Through the process of correctly learning Christian Science, the Christ becomes uplifted in our thought, which then draws our own thought up with it. Our ever-increasing understanding of Christian Science — and the confidence we have gained from applying and proving it — is what we will make use of to give treatments. Meanwhile, our spiritual sense becomes attuned to divine Mind, while simultaneously allowing us to be more discerning of the subtle ploys of animal magnetism which say that we and mankind are separate from God. This is how we begin to successfully “Stand porter at the door of thought.” (S&H, p. 392)

    Then, as we look out to see the dangers which the Adam-dream seemingly presents to mankind (the watching), we then can apply the truth of Christian Science to nullify these supposed errors (the treatment). Mrs. Eddy has said, “The treatment is through God with us.” (Fragments, p. 163) As we are victorious in this, we will gain peace because we have in this moment proven our faithfulness to the one Mind, and the effectiveness of Christian Science (the demonstration).

    However, as Christ Jesus taught us, not every heart is open to a Christian Science treatment at this time. He put some out of the room so he might heal others, and specifically taught us to never “cast ye your pearls before swine.” (Matthew 7:6) Because of this, the treatment must go forth from a thought filled with complete confidence that the Word of God will heal and bless and meet the need of those who are receptive. Just because a watch happened, and the entire world is not healed of all its ills, does not mean Christian Science does not work. Mrs. Eddy has said, “Either here or hereafter, suffering or Science must destroy all illusions regarding life and mind, and regenerate material sense and self.” (S&H, p. 296) Let us trust that the suffering has made some ready right now for the Science — just as it once made us ready — and know that the treatment will reach these people and it will “not return unto [God] void.” (Isaiah 55:11)


    References from Mary Baker Eddy


    On page 67 of Divinity Course and General Collectanea, the Blue Book, Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “I know that my treatments, and my affairs can never be reversed or interfered with. No family relations or human associates can dispossess me of the Truth or interfere with my success. I believe that my work is satisfactory. I know that my treatments are good, and fear cannot come and abide with me. A treatment is never afraid that it will not work, for the declaration of Truth brings with it a consciousness of its sure and immediate effect. I do have faith in God and know that spiritual facts are the only facts. Fear is nothing. It cannot rob a treatment of its effects or of its purpose. The Word of God cannot return unto us void.”

    In Science and Health, p. 369, under the maginal note “The Christ treatment” Mary Baker Eddy wrote that Jesus “understood man, whose life is God, to be immortal, and knew that man has not two lives, one to be destroyed and the other to be made indestructible.”

    In Watches, Prayers, and Arguments, p. 185, she wrote, “Treatment is knowing.”

    See also the section “MENTAL TREATMENT ILLUSTRATED” in Science and Health, p. 410, for more.


    In Watches, Prayers, and Arguments, p. 27, Mary Baker Eddy wrote:

    “WATCH — Learn what watching means.
    I have watched all these years for you and the world.
    Now you watch; be always on duty — on guard.
    You must watch, as Jesus said, if you would not have the house broken open; you think you are watching, but are you, when the house is broken open? What would be thought of a watchman, who would let the place watched be burglarized? Would he be the right kind of a watchman? That is just why I named our paper, Sentinel, and on it, “Watch.” We must feel the danger and lift our thought to God; He will save us. If we do not feel the danger, and go right on, as though everything were all right, declaring you are all right, you cannot die, etc., when the seeming is all wrong, you will not be watching with God. When we feel the danger, then we earnestly turn to God.
    Keep awake — watch; the right kind of watching.”

    On page 67 of the Blue Book, she wrote, “Jesus taught and I teach that there is in mortal mind a perpetual force impelling wrongly. … Constant watching is required in order to see it and then be able to put it down.”

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