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Trial by Motives and Acts

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    Michael Pupko

    Thank you for this week’s Lesson Sermon and the lesson of “The Trial” therein. Mary Baker Eddy’s allegory shows how though unreal, animal magnetism through lies and deception deceives us into believing things that aren’t true. These come to us as in this story often very openly because they are commonly accepted beliefs and often through the use of labels such as in this case of “Coated Tongue”, “Sallow Skin,” “Nerve” (S&H p. 431) etc. One must use the “Rule for Motives and Acts” to determine are these ‘labels’ from God and if not they do not have any power over us to harm our well being.
    I have been reflecting and assimilating (Assimilation is unity of idea. By Mary Baker Eddy; p. 269 Blue Book) the most recent Bible Study over the past week. The most important things I received from this was the defining explanation of the difference between ignorant animal magnetism (i.a.m.) and malicious animal magnetism (m.a.m.). I’m grateful to have been once again reminded how important it is to be clear in understanding and when speaking about a subject to leave no room for the deception of error/animal magnetism to creep in!

    Michael Pupko

    The different degrees of i.a.m. which are still a belief of a power aside from God. Many years ago I was diagnosed by medical doctors for a severe ‘label’/malady of inhaling mold from moldy cow feed and told I might die from it and there was nothing that could be done. I resorted to ‘pretending’ that the issue didn’t exist which never resulted in a cure! Mrs. Eddy explains emphatically in S&H 446:31 “Ignorance of the error to be eradicated oftentimes subjects you to its abuse.” What was amazing is that 30 years of various degrees of suffering from this ‘label’ disappeared upon coming into Christian Science, not specifically seeking help for it, but through the Truth acquired from daily study. That is what Mrs. Eddy means when she says that God’s healing is not miraculous but “supremely natural!” (does seem that way when one hadn’t known better)
    After unreservedly committing to Christian Science I discovered how far the csbod had diverged from Mrs. Eddy’s true Science I wasn’t shocked (had experienced many failed organizations already aside from the medical!) but that knowledge and still ignorant of true Science left me stuck in the whims of i.a.m. Once I began to submerse myself into the earlier CS Journal Bound Volumes and writings, started attending all that this Plainfield Church has to offer in classes etc. things have become a whole lot more scientific for me but still not being as useful to “the healing of the nations” as I need to be I felt somehow I still wasn’t handling a.m. well enough, still a level of ignorance.
    The way malicious animal magnetism was explained during the Study made me realize that I was believing this organized maliciousness aimed at the likes of Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy to destroy their ability to share God’s Word was beyond my ability to resist. In Truth, the same porter, God, at the door of my consciousness prevents me from accepting either ignorant or malicious animal magnetism as real:)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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